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Cozy up with the Dark Eyed Strangers! What's Brad look for on a first date? How does Kelly relax between takes? What's Brandon's shocking secret? What's so 'hush hush' about Tony's Kissing Quiz?

The employment of stools on a daily basis is a feature this Kelly Bolton is equipped with.

This model comes with the wisdom of a pirate and the smarts of a ninja. Kelly Bolton is compatible with most kitchen appliances; Consumer Reports rates it top in her class.

Kuru (also known as 'laughing sickness'), is a progressive and fatal brain malady that couses involuntary trembling and uncoordination while robbing its victim of the ability to walk, talk or even eat. The word Kuru means 'trembling' in the language of the Fore.

Those inflicted are said to laugh themselves to death as a swiss-cheesing of the brain occurs. This elusive and hitherto unknown disease first appeared in New Guinea in the early 1900's. By the 1950's anthropologists and government officials reported that this disease was rampant among the South Fore.

While attending a fundraiser, Brandon was heard to remark, "Laughing death is no laughing matter and I'm not going out like that."

The deep one, Brad believes a holistic renaissance of the mind and body is essential to the development of the shaman within.

Mr. Helm's speech is peppered with such profundities as this 'way homer' overheard during a post-performance round-table with a troubled group if confused teens:

"An awakening does not necessarily take place when one rises from bed. It sometimes happens in the middle of a journey."

In his freetime, Brad makes his own oil. Plus, this

If you're the kind of man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to ask for it, now's the time to head down to your local Dodge dealership and say "YES" to the all new Dodge Charger for 1974.

"YES" to newer, softer bucket seats. "Yes" to an optional 440 with a four-barrel. "YES" to a highway that unspools like a black ribbon on a hot Oregon night, racing the purple dusk on the Silverton backroads, 80 ... 85 ... 90, the hop trestles whipping by like a spinning room in your head after a Silver Falls Park post-homecoming game kegger, and you say "YES" to leaving that job at Olsen's Shoes at the Lancaster Mall and throwing your ucle's old army duffle filled with three changes of clothes into the backseat and hitting the road after slamming the screendoor as Dad yells, "Don't be calling for money!", and you say "YES" to the 1974 Dodge Charger.