Upcoming Shows(?)

Yes! Don't read any of this crap! Go here! The Dark Eyed Strangers aren't really about shows right now. We're just in kind of a weird place: reflective, stoic, ethereal. We just feel we need a little time to ourselves to kind of think things through, you know? It's not about you, really. You're great, and we definitely have feelings for you. It's just ... we just don't have the words for it right now. We bought a motorcycle and were thinking about just doing some driving in the West. Do our own repairs, that sort of thing. Eat out of cans. Have heavy discussions with hobos and diner waitresses. But then we couldn't all fit on the bike. So we traded for a tryke. Lost four thousand dollars. We'll see you when we see you. I don't know ... maybe it is you. What's with all the baby talk, anyway? It's annoying as hell.