Chicago Sketchfest

The world's largest sketch comedy festival. We've played here a bunch. Good people!

Best of the Best

Portland's annual sketch comedy festival. Great acts from around the nation. Plus: crummy weather and hippies making bio-fuel.

One Two Three Comedy

Chicago sketch group that Kelly Bolton works with when she's not with us. That is to say, when she wants a taste of success.

Aliato Designs

Groovy Chicago-based design company specializing in womenswear and accessories. We like them tons.

Meridith Crosley

Former Dark Eyed Stranger. She's the one you may have heard about. The one with the talent.

Cassandra Stadnicki

Artist, photographer, designer and a bunch of other stuff.
A hurricane of awesome art making!

KitKit and Tommy

A cartoon featuring all DES people. This is something you should watch, then tell people about, and then maybe mention on tv.

EXE Graphics

This is the guy who made this site and our iron-on logos and also draws and co-writes KitKit and Tommy. He is the most amazingly wonderful person that ever happened.